IronRun is a website that has all sorts of running adventures and stories that one may not find anywhere else.

We came up with the idea of providing a platform for passionate and ardent runners to share their experiences.. You can get manuals and guides on running from the nearest shops, however its hard to find personal encounters and a varied techniques of runners all compiled in one place. This website is beneficial for runners who are looking for inspiration and runners who want to share their story with the world. Runners participating in all sorts of running such as cross country running, endurance running, temp run, hill repeats, and many other categories have wonderful, motivating stories for you to learn from. In a addition to the human experiences this website also touched on the practical technicalities that are a part of this sport/leisure activity.

We focus on bringing runners together to make a cohesive network where everyone can share their worthy and adventurous running stories with others..

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