A question will pop up every time someone asks you to share your running experiences with the world that why should you be a part of it?

There are several times when we want to share our thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the world, but we do not have people of the same interest around us, or we are unaware of the platform. We give you an opportunity to shout out your experiences and let people know your worthy miles covered through running. The rigorous training you went through, and the determination that you gracefully kept intact is worth letting the world know.

Sportsman spirit can be an inspiration for many runners of all the coming years.

  • All of the runners can contribute to make running easy and fun for the passionate beginners and the enthusiastic professionals of this amazing sport.
  • You must have been on exciting running miles where different encounters with difficulties/hurdles, fellow runners, and accomplishments contributed in shaping you in a perfect runner.
  • Your ideas, guidance, and tips will be helpful to all those who hesitate in taking a step forward towards running.
  • Cross country running and endurance running makes people nervous, and your words will help them to prepare for it.

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